How this all began…with a serum

lancome genefique serumbody shop drops of youth

This blog actually started because of The Body Shop ‘Drops of Youth’ Concentrate which I had been looking at ages ago, used a sample for a few days and deliberated between that or really splurging on the Lancome Advanced Genefique Serum.  In the end I used both as I got a great Genefique gift set in the sale which included the serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream (more on this on another post) for less than the price of a 30ml bottle of the serum at the regular price (£59). This was just after Christmas so the serum lasted for just over 4 months using it twice a day so that’s really not bad.  When it ran out I decided to buy the Drops of Youth (DOY) to compare.  The negative is the pipette which is slightly annoying and doesn’t always get a decent amount on first go (unlike the Genefique where you press the button at the top of the pipette and it draws enough out every time.) The DOY has a very fresh scent and silky feel when you massage it in to your face and you really don’t need much.  The bottle suggests waiting a few minutes before applying moisturiser.  Skin really does feel and look moisturised, nourished and dewy from the get go and it’s a big bottle so will go far.  I really do think the results are as good as the Lancome.  I had heard that skin can break out a bit once you start using the Genefique and then if you go for a few days without it, but fortunately I haven’t found this to be the case.  They both offer similar benefits: tackling wrinkles and fine lines, smoothing, moisturising and enabling radiance and luminosity.  I have to agree with all of these and I couldn’t go back to not using a serum under my moisturiser now.  I would personally recommend both, but obviously if you are looking to save some money and want the same results then go with the DOY.  For a purchase like this either way it’s always worth going to the counter and asking for a sample so you can try it for a few days before making a commitment.

Anyway, I was thinking about this comparison a few weeks ago while using the DOY and that is where the idea for this blog came from so here we are now. You can find the Lancome Advanced Genefique Serum   (£29 for 20 ml, £59 for 30ml and bigger sizes also) and The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate (£25 for 30ml and £32 for 50ml)