Some little anti-ageing tips

So I started to really get into beauty and skincare when I was coming up to 30 and had a mild panic about that! It also coincided with working in the head office at Harvey Nichols in London and making use of my discount which made such a difference in the beauty and perfume department. Now I am very loyal when it comes to products and brands, but I also like to try new ones, and I certainly did that during my few years there.  I used Clinique, YSL, Mac, Estee Lauder, Trish McEvoy, Lancome, Tom Ford, Clarins, Dr Haushka and bought some GHD hair straighteners which desperately need replacing as I’m sure you’re not supposed to see all the wires…

I had always had a mild interest in make up, but wasn’t so bothered about skincare up until that point and then became obsessed with the beauty pages in magazines which previously I had just flicked past.  And around the Harvey Nichols time I started to look into a really good eye cream as that’s a good age to start.  There is so much more choice now and if I could afford to I would love to try Creme de la Mer and La Prairie as never have.  Well I did use a sample for a serum from La Prairie once and it was AMAZING. If anyone would like to send me any products I would happily trial them!  I’ve tried a few over the years which I will write about in more detail in a separate post and currently use Kiehls Midnight Recovery eye cream (£25.50).

Another tip: When I was 25, my boss at the time recommended putting moisturiser on the neck as well as the face and rubbing it in upwards so I’m glad I took her advice and have been doing that for many years now!  Apparently your neck is one of the first bits of the body to show age so it’s good to keep it moisturised and ageing at bay for as long as possible (it’s the same if you lose lots of weight, the neck can look a bit scrawny…)

As well as the neck, hands can also show age quickly so use a good hand cream as much as possible. Especially, like me, if you are always washing your hands.  Mums can relate to this one!  My favourites include Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (£21) which has a really lovely scent, Aveeno Hand Cream (various prices depending where you get it from – can purchase in Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds and supermarkets, but you’re looking at under £5) which has an oaty smell, but is quite thick and says it lasts through hand washing which is great.  I also use MERUMAYA Hydrate & Protect Hand Cream (£12.50) which my mum kindly got me from John Lewis.  The directions on the tube say to apply to and rub the backs of both hands against each other and then massage over palms, wrists and between figures.  This is a different way of applying hand cream, but it really does make them feel more moisturised.  So I use all 3 of those on a regular basis.  You can never have too many products!

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