Milia Removal – Before

So I’ve suffered from Milia for years and have had them removed during a facial with a sterilised needle, but unfortunately that beautician moved away and facials since haven’t included that procedure.  I had quite a large one on the side of my nose which really bothered me, but one day it just popped out when I was cleaning my face! I was advised using a Clarisonic electric Cleanser (more on this in another post) would help, but it hasn’t so the only other option is electrolysis. I guess I’ve been putting it off as it’s an expense I didn’t feel was urgent, but my husband noticed the milia  (weirdly for the first time despite being on my face for years!) And told me to get it looked at and as he’s paying that’s exactly what I’m doing tomorrow!

For those who don’t know what milia is they are milk spots formed due to fat deposits and the skin can’t breathe and excess oils become trapped. They look like tiny white heads, but are not filled with pus and you can’t squeeze them (I tried that years ago and made an awful mess of my face, plus it was really painful and didn’t work.) You can get milia due to the use of skin products or make up that contains a lot of oil amd it gets clogged under the skin or it could even be genetic. They tend to be under the eyes where the skin is really thin and I have mine near my nose and some under my eyes. I cover them up, but do feel self conscious as my skin is otherwise pretty flawless. Plus my skin feels bumpy there when I touch it so I will be glad to get rid of them. I’ll let you know the results. I was assured it won’t hurt and hopefully won’t get scabs so fingers crossed.

Here is a photo so you can see my before. It’s not that clear although you should be able to see a few Milia. Photos online are quite extreme, but I came across this website Colaz Advanced Beauty Specialists which explains Milia really well, how to prevent and treatment and there is a good photo of them too.

Let me know if you’ve suffered from Milia and what you think. Also if you’ve had electrolysis and how it went.