Milia Removal – After

So, as mentioned in my post yesterday, I had my milia removed this afternoon.  Amy at Lavender and Stone Beauty Rooms in Beaconsfield explained the process before she started.  I was a little nervous as hadn’t had electrolysis before.  As I said in my last post, I have only ever had milia removed by a beautician manually with a needle and one popped out naturally once when I was washing my face.  I envisioned it being electronic today and a needle jabbing into my skin very quickly somewhat like having a tattoo, but a far more gentle one and the needle not as deep!  It was nothing like that.  Although Amy used a machine, it was still done manually with a needle, but it made a little clicking sound every time she ‘popped’ a milia.  She said it was like “caramelising” them then they come out when they’re ready.  A few popped out there and then, but she said the rest would come out by the end of the day. There will be a tiny hole where the milia has been and then it might form a light scab over the top.  It’s been a few hours now and most of them have gone and I can see tiny holes, like open pores and a few small scabs.  I’ve been trying not to touch my face, but will look forward to not feeling those bumps!  She said I also had a small thread vein under my eye which she got rid of.  I can’t lie and say it wasn’t painful as I could feel the needle, but don’t let this put you off as it was so quick and over before I knew it.  It’s really not any less painful than getting a Brazilian bikini wax so a bit uncomfortable, but bearable.  I was in and out of the salon within 15 minutes and I had a few to get rid of.  Plus some of them are on the much thinner skin near my eyes.  As I get them near my nose and wear glasses a lot, Amy thought that could be contributing to the milia.  I need to make sure I exfoliate once a week and she also suggested not using serum or moisturiser where I am prone to getting them.  At £45 for removal, it’s not something I want to be doing too often (would much rather have a relaxing facial for £5 more!) so will try to prevent getting them.  She also suggested not using the Clarisonic so much, but I don’t use it daily anyway.  I will let you know the full result when my skin is back to normal.  It was red and blotchy for about 45 minutes, but soon calmed down and I’ll be able to wear make up tomorrow should I wish to.  If anyone has been through a similar experience or is prone to getting milia too I’d love to hear about it!  I will write about Lavender and Stone Beauty Rooms separately as I have had many other treatments there plus my husband buys all his Elemis and Decleor skincare products there.  I will write about them in a separate post also.  It’s not just about the ladies on Lucy Loves Me!