To Thread or not to Thread?


So today was an unexpected beauty day.  I haven’t had my eyebrows shaped professionally for years which is appalling I know, but they never looked too bad and I pluck the strays daily.  I’ve always been a bit nervous of threading as it looks quite painful so have only ever had my eyebrows waxed.  Anyway, I noticed a big sign in the window of my local Superdrug mentioning a new walk in brow and lash bar so popped in today and got them done!  I told the beautician I was apprehensive about threading, but she was very reassuring and said she would be gentle and would do a combination of threading and waxing.  She took lots of time and care and kept showing me what they looked like throughout the process and I was so impressed with the result.  I must have been there for about 20 minutes and it was only a fiver!  It wasn’t painful at all and felt strangely pleasant.  I think after having a tattoo, Brazilian bikini wax and a baby (not at the same time…) then it would take a lot for something like that to be unbearable so I don’t know what I was worried about and will definitely get them done regularly from now on.  Take a look here and check out the beauty studio at your nearest Superdrug.

While I was there I had a peek at the SleekMUATanya Burr cosmetics.  As usual there was so much choice and so many good prices I couldn’t decide so walked away empty handed.  Nuts I know!  I wanted to see Tanya Burr’s new make up collection, but they didn’t have it.  Her lip glosses do look lovely so I must actually buy one next time.  Also the Sleek highlighter palette everyone raves about, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually use it now we’re in the midst of Autumn as my make up is starting to get a bit heavier and not sure I want to look as glowy now.

Have you bought anything new from these collections lately or is there anything you would recommend?


I’ve seen a lot of mentions about Primark make up lately in blogs and on Instagram.  I’ll be honest, even though I’ve seen it previously I never bought anything as wasn’t sure how good it would be.  I’m all up for a bargain, but have always gone with brands I know and admittedly was being a bit of a snob (which is silly as I buy lots of things for myself and my son from Primark; clothes and slipper wise!)  Anyway,  today I bought a highlighter pen for £1 which doesn’t look much different from my YSL Touche Eclat and got some blending sponges for £1.50 which is an amazing price.  I did want to get more products, but thought I’d see how I get on with these and can always check out more next time.  At those prices it would be a crime not to!

Have you tried any Primark beauty products and what do you think?

TV and Film

The cast of Cold Feet Series 6

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even watched American Horror Story from last week yet, but have just caught up with Wolf Creek (final episode tomorrow!) and Cold Feet.  Wolf Creek has been so consistent and the penultimate episode was breathtakingly good and I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale episode and whether there will be a second season. I hope it doesn’t disappoint and will review it once it’s finished.  You must check it out.

I vaguely remember Cold Feet from when it was on TV 19 years ago which is just crazy as that’s so long ago and the cast haven’t changed that much.  It’s still lighthearted, but touches on some subjects which are a bit more serious such as depression and euthanasia and that’s handled well.  I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes, but it’s definitely entertaining relief compared to some of the darker stuff I watch.  It’s been difficult to get onto Netflix lately as my husband has been glued to Luke Cage which has all the episodes streamed and he said its better than Daredevil and Jessica Jones (both TV series on Netflix) and that is saying something as they were pretty amazing.  If you haven’t seen Jessica Jones I highly recommend.  David Tennant as Kilgrave is one of the best villains EVER.  Totally different characters and of course I don’t want to confuse between Marvel and DC, but he is on par with Jared Leto’s joker, but in a far more subtle way and has much more screen time. Anyway, I’m sure I will catch up with Luke Cage in my own time once he’s finished and feels like re-watching it!

I also watched the new Bridget Jones film in the cinema and it’s totally different from the book I recently read, but it was a lovely, sweet, funny film and great to catch up with some old friends as it were.  I loved Sarah Solemani as Bridget’s friend/colleague Miranda. Hilarious.  Also the storyline was not as predictable as I suspected it would be and was very pleasantly surprised.  Rather too much music played throughout I thought, but otherwise worth going to see.  Definitely one for the girls though!

Until next time,

Lucy xx