(Nip +) Fab Beauty, Books and TV

It’s been ages again.  Just when I think I’m getting on top of everything in my life I realise I haven’t written a blog post in nearly 3 weeks and feel very guilty! Let’s blame it on half term shall we?  And lack of sleep as my son has been waking up multiple times in the night for what seems like weeks on end.  I honestly don’t know where I am some days and am still berating myself for not collecting a tenner from the cash point last week.  I remembered to take the debit card (thank god) but forgot the cash?  Who does that?!

So I am now writing this in between cooking a fish pie, replying to work emails and about to get my son ready for bed.  Just call me Wonder Woman.  Although I bet she wouldn’t forget to take her money.

Nip + Fab Skin Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum


I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago a picture of  the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum and said I would write a quick review so here it is.  I am on my third tube of this and yes as much as I love Drops of Youth and Genefique serums, I still use this one.
It is a light serum that sinks quickly into the skin making it feel instantly moisturised, but without leaving a greasy residue so it’s the perfect base for moisturiser or even primer then foundation.  It smells heavenly, but in quite an unusual way.  I haven’t smelled anything quite like it, but love it when I apply it.  It’s quite florally.  And the name is just fab and of course what drew me to using it in the first place.  It sounds really unique and exotic almost like you’re using something forbidden, but which is bound to work wonders. I had read about Nip + Fab (a skincare and body care range founded by founder of Rodial‘s Maria Hatzistefanis)and always wanted to try something.  I purchased this on special at Boots one day without even trying it/smelling it and that’s not like me.  I was really pleased with the results.  It has Hyaluronic acid in it and I hate anything with the word acid in, but this really does deliver that ‘instant shot of moisture’ that it promises to.  Retail price is £19.99, but look out for special deals in Boots and Superdrug as I have even got it for half price before.  And it lasts for ages even if used twice a day as you only need 1 pump each time.  I really want to try more in this range.  And Rodial come to think of it, but Nip + Fab is like the Miu Miu version of Prada so a little more wallet friendly.



I’ve been desperately trying to find time to read The Paris Secret by Karen Swan which I have renewed 3 times at the library and started months ago.  I finally finished it yesterday and loved it.  I hope the author writes another one as I feel we are not completely done with the characters yet.  I know I definitely want to read more about Flora, Xavier, her boss Angus and best friend Ines, the conflicting and wealthy Vermeil family as well Flora’s own very British family.  It takes you on a journey from the English countryside to London, Paris, Vienna and finally the South of France.  Yes, it’s glamorous and Flora has rather a high flying job as a fine-art agent, wears gorgeous clothes and is young and beautiful as are all the other characters, but there is way more to the story than that. It is so descriptive you feel as if you are plonked in amongst all the action and the glamour, but watching from the sidelines and it is also rich with history and art.  Naturally there is a love story, but you are never quite sure which way it’s going to go.  I will read more of Karen Swan’s books now if they are as enjoyable and entertaining as The Paris Secret.  I know if I had the time I would have devoured it weeks ago.

TV and Film

I’ve managed to watch a fair bit of TV lately, usually very late at night.  I finished Wolf Creek and loved it.  Definitely one to check out for horror fans (but still not nearly as gory as American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, both of which make me feel quite sick at times.)

The Apprentice 2016 – Lord Sugar and The Candidates

The Apprentice which seems to get more ridiculous each year, but which I still watch.  I feel like it is more set up than ever and roll my eyes so much at each episode and these, dare I say, mostly idiotic characters that I’m surprised my eyeballs resurface in time for the next episode.


Nashville which I have really been enjoying as it is so light and seeing as I work in music now unlike during the previous seasons it sheds a whole new light to the show and the industry.  It is a real soap opera, full of drama and glamour, but I love the characters and it always manages to seem new and fresh even if some of the storylines have been done to death on TV (drugs, death, imprisonment, coming out, jealousy, teenage angst, rivalry etc.) I am so glad another network took it on after it had been cancelled last year as we are definitely not finished with all these characters we have grown to love and hate.

Oh and I took my son to see Finding Dory which was lovely apart from a horrible, rude woman who was sitting in my pre-booked seat and wouldn’t budge.  He was as good as gold and sat still the whole way through and held my hand.  Those moments I cherish. Although I did enjoy the film too and there were some very funny parts which appealed to grown ups, fantastic animation and made me feel quite emotional in parts too.

Back to the adult stuff and American Horror Story, My Roanoke Nightmare has taken on a great twist, is very clever and must be watched.  It airs 2 days earlier in the US so I was desperately trying to avoid reading about ‘the twist’ before I watched it.  There are only a few more episodes left of the series and I am dying to see how it plays out (dying being the operative word in this series.).  I know this is brief, but I don’t want to give anything away.  It reminds me a bit of ‘UnREAL‘ with the way it is going reality TV wise.  I wasn’t sure about this season at first as I mentioned a few blog posts ago, but glad it has turned around and in such a brilliant, relevant and current way.

Those 2 images above could not be more different!

Bryce Dalls Howard in ‘Nosedive’, Black Mirror Season 3 on Netflix

Black Mirror season 3 started on Netflix last week and I watched the first episode ‘Nosedive’.  I haven’t seen this series before, but have always been intrigued and had read a lot of press about this series before it launched so was looking forward to it.  My husband had to leave the room half way through as he can’t stand anything cringey and it did get a bit like that (the clue is in the title of the episode…) but it was really well done and very well acted.  Also very current and quite frightening as so real and a world not so different from the one we live in.  If you’re on social media of course.  I do wonder how people who don’t use Facebook and Instagram might feel about this story and if they will get it as much as people who are constantly liking photos/people in their daily lives.  The protagonist, Lacie Pound (the fantastic Bryce Dallas Howard), is a girl who is obsessed with getting a good rating.  People rate you on pretty much anything and everything.  You are judged from the moment you step outside your front door, purchasing a coffee, driving, walking down the street, how you are at work.  The maximum you can get is 5 stars and Lacie is on a pretty decent 4.2, but she can only live in the apartment she wants if she is a 4.5 and she does some pretty crazy things to get there. This also involves too good to be true old schoolfriend Naomi (played by Alice Eve) who is a 4.8. I won’t say any more than that, but beyond the pastel hues of the screen and Lacie’s fixed bright smile is a terrifying reality which I don’t think we are too far away from.

I think that’s about it for now, but I promise I will be back soon.  As always, look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Lucy xx