Beauty, Art, Shopping: A Perfect Day

I wanted to write this last week, but of course, as I utter my most over-used words these days, I just haven’t had the time. Days have seeped into nights and the whole weekend came and went in a blur of work and a 45 minute nap on Sunday which was most enjoyable until I was pounced upon by my son who was hungry and not thrilled both his parents were having a snooze mid-afternoon in different rooms. So, yes it has been busy juggling the usual multi-businesses and childcare, but last Wednesday, mummy had a whole day out which was wonderful. It started with the sun shining gloriously all day and boy did London bask in it. The morning began with a natter with my lovely mum accompanied by a latte and delectable chocolate cream-cheese frosted Brownie from Hummingbird Bakery. Then we went to the Royal Academy of Arts to see the America After The Fall, Painting in the 1930s exhibition which was really good and definitely worth going to see. The Russian exhibition is on at the same time, but I didn’t fancy such a big gallery (my attention span does wear thin these days) and knew it would be really busy whereas The American exhibition wasn’t too crowded. Following that we walked through the Burlington Arcade and down Old Bond Street stopping into Dior as I love what they are doing at the moment. Following a browse and lunch in Fenwick (which has changed so much since I was last there and very comparable to Harvey Nichols) we cut through Hanover Square towards Regents Street and on to Liberty. They have really expanded the beauty department since my last visit so it is now 2 big rooms, plus a small side room for fragrance. Liberty have always been at the cutting edge for new brands and it is still the same today. Particularly perfumes which you don’t often see anywhere else. Favourites included: Escentric Molecules, 10 Corso Como, Commes Des Garcons White, Ulrich Lang Anvers and the new Diptyque perfume, but I can’t remember the name! It was orangey and fresh, but with a hint of Patchouli which keeps it from fading quickly (like other orange/lemon fragrances tend to do). I will find and the name and come back to it.

Mum had her make up done at Trish McEvoy and it was gorgeous. She tried the Instant Eye Lift (£31), Even Skin Foundation (£45), High Volume Mascara (£22.50), Weekend Bronzer (£22)and the Eye Base Essentials (£24) which she purchased as she found it really opened up her eyes. It is described as an eyeshadow primer and upper-eye brightener.

Have you seen these Power of Makeup Planner Collections? They are D.I.V.I.N.E. A business woman’s dream as they are like a leather Filofax, but full of transportable make up or brushes. Slightly expensive at £225, but a fantastic idea for a modern woman to carry their make up around instead of it rolling around in the bottom of a handbag, like me.

Then on to Carnaby Street for a tea and iced hot chocolate at Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. A very trendy establishment where pretty girls with their hair in those messy, but perfect looking buns work on their laptops, girls with hair that matches their purple shoes sip drinks through a straw, the tea comes in an interesting pot and you make it yourself and my iced hot chocolate arrived in a little glass, almost like a shot of chocolate with ice cubes.

I spotted an Urban Decay store and have been desperate to try the Naked foundation for months so decided to get my make up done too. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before and after photo, but I went in looking like a tired mum who has been working a lot and whose make up applied at 7:30am had most certainly worn off. I came out looking bright eyed and glowing and feeling that way too.

After removing my original make up the artist used Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray, applied Naked Skin foundation (£28.50) using a brush, a few dots of Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (£19) and a light dusting of Naked Flushed (£25) which is a palette containing bronzer, blush and highlighter. I already had the Perversion mascara on so didn’t reapply anything to my eyes. My mum very kindly purchased the Foundation and Bronzer/Highlighter palette so I will write a more thorough review soon.

Finally we walked through the golden streets back towards Bond Street where after office workers spilled out of pubs and everyone was in high spirits. Getting a cab to Chelsea we rounded off a perfect day at the launch party of a new Beatles photography exhibition at Proud Gallery Chelsea. The exhibition was excellent and the mini bottles of Prosecco weren’t so bad either.

I always miss the stars when I’m in London as you don’t get to see them with all the lights and pollution. When I walked from the train station home later on, the sky was full of them. And the garden was spilling over with glorious spring daffodils. My son is obsessed with them at the moment so I couldn’t wait for the next day to come so I could show him.