‘Magic’ Products From Charlotte Tilbury

So everyone has been discussing The Duchess of Sussex’s (formerly Meghan Markle) makeup at her wedding last weekend and I have to agree and say it was absolutely stunning. I didn’t get caught up in the wedding fever prior to and on the day as it was also my son’s 5th birthday and it was all about him, but I did watch some of the highlights that evening once he was asleep and Meghan’s natural look is what really stood out for me when Prince Harry removed her veil. Her skin simply glowed and as a person with freckles I love the fact she let hers shine through. It was such a hot day and on a special occasion such as your wedding it would be tempting to wear even more makeup than usual, but with the whole globe watching her, it screamed self-confidence that she let her skin breathe and chose such a natural, barely-there look. I’m sure she has regular facials and uses very good skincare and makeup but there was not a blemish, spot (which would no doubt pop up on my face the morning of such an event) or even a dark circle from no doubt a restless night prior to the big day. I’m not sure if it has been confirmed what products Meghan wore, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did use Charlotte Tilbury (who made up Amal Clooney’s face for the wedding and her team also did Kitty Spencer).

I have been wanting to try Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare since she launched her own brand a few years ago. I have been to her shop in Covent Garden and pore through her glamorous photos Instagram but have never actually tried any of her products. I was in London last week and had a delicious lunch at Locanda Locatelli with my mum and a friend visiting from Florida (I loved the linguine with lobster and chilli and the desserts and petit fours were to die for.) Then afterwards we went to Selfridges and I tried a few things at the massive Charlotte Tilbury counter. The staff were incredibly helpful and their make up looked amazing which is always a good selling point. I tried the Mini Miracle Eye Wand in Shade 2 £29 which says it creates the “appearance of 8 hours sleep in two clicks”. Well anything that says such a thing as a working mum is a winner to me! Amongst many other ingredients it has light-reflecting micro-particles and a serum/eye cream. It was towards the end of the day once this was applied to my under-eye area and it did brighten up my face and give my skin a lift. I also tried the brand new Hollywood Flawless Filter £30 which is described as a “complexion booster for super starlit skin”. Again, that is the perfect description as your face literally glows with this product. I wonder how oilier complexions fare with it and the sales assistant said it can be worn all over the face, but I personally think a light dab across the cheekbones instead would be enough. It did look stunning on, but I can’t imagine myself getting much use out of it. It’s not an everyday look really but perfect for parties, summer weddings and the red carpet. I ended up plumping for The Magic Eye Rescue as at £40 it is a bargain for such a luxury brand and will last for years as it’s such a large jar. If you are an avid reader of Lucy Loves Me, you will know I have been searching for the eye cream ‘one’ for years and after giving many samples a go I think I’ve found it. Saying that, I do love Kathy Sue-Ann’s nourishing eye balm which I still use and which you can read about here (even more of a bargain at £8 which it is now). So going back to the Charlotte Tilbury eye cream, apart from the size and price, it feels rich without being too heavy, has a delicate scent and goes on easily without being greasy and make up goes smoothly on top. I use a light dab with my ring finger on the orbital bone and under my brows in the morning and after cleansing at night.

I was given samples of Charlotte’s Magic Cream £70 and the Wonderglow Face Primer £38.50. I haven’t tried the primer yet, but the magic cream is wonderful and one to add to my wish list. I have used it for a few days and my skin does look more glowing and it is nice and rich without being too greasy (again) and a great base for make up. My mum kindly bought me the new mascara Legendary Lashes Volume 2 £25, but I haven’t used it yet so will write about it in a separate post.

It is so easy to get sucked into the hype when it comes to beauty products, but as Charlotte Tilbury has been in the beauty industry for such a long time and is the make up artist to the stars she surely knows what to use when creating her own products and I think the quality is outstanding and the prices are fair. I will definitely be trying more in the coming months and will let you know how I get on.

Do you use any Charlotte Tilbury products and what would recommend and why? Do you think Meghan used one of her lipsticks for her big day last week?

I hope you are having a good week and looking forward to the long weekend, whatever the weather! I have been trying a few more products of late so look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Lucy xx