Benefit Makeover


I wondered why it was taking me so long to write this post and, yes I was getting distracted with work, but then I re-read what I had written and realised how bloody boring it was!

Blogs are a chance to be honest and personal and that’s not always something I feel I can do in my other writing work. Being the Editor of Neon Music I write a lot and of course, I am honest about the music I am writing about but don’t always feel I can get too personal. Readers are there to read about the music artists at the end of the day, not me. I started this blog a few years ago primarily to share my thoughts about makeup and skincare because I realised it was something I was really interested in. Then I lost interest for a bit as I wasn’t really going out discovering new brands and products and now I am obsessed with all things beauty and spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram watching makeup tutorials and obsessing over the latest products from brands such as Too Faced and … It’s also something just for me. Nothing to do with work or my son who I spend even more time and energy obsessing over.

I was recently invited to have a makeover at one of my favourite brands, Benefit. I say makeover but it wasn’t really as I didn’t come out looking completely different, but did try some new products and was given some tips and tricks. I could have had a glam night time look or focused on my eyebrows or tips on how to create smoky eyes but decided to keep it natural and go with the kind of make up I wear every day as that is what I would buy. Also, it was the early morning after school drop off and I was just going back home to work so no point getting glammed up.

Deepikka started with the Moisture Facial Cream £34 which was a lovely base for my make up and felt very moisturising. Then the POREfessional: Pearl Primer £27.50 which gave my skin a nice glow. I usually do my eyebrows last but Deepikka said they should always be done pre-foundation. I’ve had eyebrow mapping done at Benefit before but they do offer this service should you not have a clue about how to do your eyebrows! She used the goof proof Eyebrow Pencil £20.50 and gimme brow + volumizing eyebrow gel £20.50. Following that was the Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation £25.50 which was very light but can be built up to a more medium coverage. I have something similar by Charlotte Tilbury and it was great in the summer but I’m looking for something a bit heavier now.

Deepikka kept my eyes quite simple and if I’m honest, I wasn’t crazy about the pinky shade she used from the Vanity Flare Nude Eyeshadow Palette £29.50 and I could have done with more layers of BADgal BANG! volumising mascara £21.50 but along with the GALifornia Blusher £25.50 and punch pop! liquid lip colour £15.50 (in sugar cookie), I did come out looking quite fresh-faced and natural. Which is what I was going for anyway. And it lasted all day too which is great. I think the dandelion face powder £25.50 really set it and made a difference without taking away any of the dewiness.

Other products used were:
boi-ing airbrush concealer £17.50
hoola lite bronzing powder £25.50

Annoyingly I just couldn’t get a good photo afterwards so you can’t see the results which I realise isn’t very helpful but it did look good and I recommend the products used. I love Benefit – the selection available, the packaging, the brand’s ethos and I can’t think of anything bad to say about them. They also have a wonderful Christmas gift selection. If you’re looking for something fresh, fun, not ridiculously overpriced that does the job then head to your local Benefit now.

Please note these opinions are all my own.