So this is not the first blog I have started.  You could say I’ve had blog commitment issues in the past, but I’m hoping this one sticks.  Plus I’ve never written a blog about something I’m actually interested in and can talk the pants off about. Beauty mainly, but other subjects such as fashion, food and TV will surely crop up because I love them too.  And why should you read this when there are so many brilliant blogs out there?  Well for a start I am in my late 30s, have a kid and don’t have the healthiest lifestyle or a size 10 figure (you won’t be seeing any bikini shots on here) so it should be a bit different in that respect. Since having my son, sleep has been a long forgotten memory to say the least, but  I often get told I have great skin (thank you genes) and am obsessed with skincare and make up so why not write about it? And did I mention my unhealthy lifestyle? Carbs, caffeine and sugar are my friends and being healthy consists of those overpriced packs of mango from Marks and Spencer – a very expensive habit, but the Coop or Tesco ones just don’t taste as good, don’t ask me why. So you won’t find any recipes for quinoa and beetroot salads on here, just other ways to get glowing skin and an honest opinion about things I am passionate about. Writing has always been a big part of my life what with that great novel inside me which I’m too lazy to write, some creative writing courses, various freelance work and of course those aforementioned blogs.
So let this journey begin and I hope you enjoy it.